Ford Mustang Handling Features and Performance Options

Most drivers love the Ford Mustang. With its drive modes and handling features, it’s a dream to take on the road. You’ll feel the captain in this luxury sports car that comes standard with a manual transmission and V6 engine. It’s the rear-wheel drive that truly gives this sports car its acceleration in an instant. The best part about this sports car is that you’ll feel the smooth, instant shifts like its muscle memory and glide down highways with ease.

The handling in the Mustang has always been based on rear-wheel drive, but the upgrades for the latest Mustang actually have five different modes. In these premium models, you can switch between normal, track, sport plus, drag strip, and snow/wet options. The handling is also sharp and sporty, but it isn’t heavy. You can comfortably take this car on the road for longer trips or shorter commutes. You’ll always feel right at home in the driver’s seat.

For drivers who love to drive, the Mustang is a great sports car that was built for performance. You can take a test drive in a pre-owned Ford vehicle at Choice Auto located in Saint Cloud.



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