How to Get the Best Price on a Vehicle

The price that is advertised in a dealership or in a used car ad isn't necessarily the lowest one a seller will take. Therefore, you could save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars by engaging in some basic haggling. One potentially effective tactic is to ask for a higher trade allowance.

Let's say that you're looking to purchase a car that is $10,000. If your trade is worth $2,000, that would leave $8,000 to be paid in cash or financed by a lender. However, if you get $2,500 for the trade, you only have to pay or finance $7,500 at the time of purchase.

Dealers in Saint Cloud, MN may offer loyalty discounts, lower interest rates or other discounts to help lower the price of your next vehicle. Private sellers may simply take less than their advertised price because they want to complete the deal in a timely manner.

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